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Coming Soon! 

Vintage Electric Vehicle 

Meet Talley! Our new vintage themed electric low speed vehicle (LSV). Talley is meant to add class and charm to any special event or tour, but at the same time being loads of fun! 



Our electric LSV is named Talley to pay tribute to the former historic Ford Model-T production plant that was in Talleyrand. 

The vehicle can sit six (6) in the back plus one up front next to the driver. So for a total party size of seven (7) smiling faces! 

Just Imagine...

The bride and groom leaving their wedding location being driven to the nearby reception in this vintage  look! Later the wedding party has a photoshoot in the vehicle! 

A special event, like a festival and the VIPs are chaperoned in classy style! Or a special occasion date night to your favorite Hidden picnic location in Jacksonville! 

Touring the city's historic sights, parks, art, and trendy unique districts in a fun ride! Lasting memories will be made here! 


Partnerships and Sponsorships

Unique opportunities exist for projects and marketing with our vintage electric vehicle Talley and through our social media and website outreach! Some examples:

  • Sponsorship of Talley with your company logo on the side, special use of the vehicle, and media posts with the vehicle and your logo on it! 

If this sounds like something you're interested in or you have another idea for a partnership or sponsorship, please reach out to us below! 

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