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Our Work - Makes a Difference

Jump into a project with us to make the impact you want!

Have a vision for a project but not sure how to start it, manage it, deliver it, or get the public involved? We are here to help you! No idea or project is too small! Contact us and let us know what you might be thinking about and we just might be the perfect addition to your team to make it happen! 


Every tree tells a unique story, and your contribution will not only celebrate the beauty of our planet but also help others discover these hidden gems. Let's create a digital forest of memories, a global treasure trove of remarkable trees for all to explore.

Join our exciting project and become a part of something truly remarkable!

Jacksonville has many one-of-a-kind mural art works across the entire city! We spent thousands of hours researching and photographing the art. We ended up putting hundreds of them on the map along with descriptions. Take a look and see if there's any in your neighborhood or look for your new favorite wall artwork! 

This is an interactive fun map using the Prezi platform! If via mobile phone, download the free Prezi app for best results! 


Started out small from a simple vision of making a little free library fun and exciting to visit in person. Now has become a small local tourist attraction that has been highlighted on the news and in print, along with walking and bicycle tour groups! 


Letting artists tell their stories via video recordings to be a piece of oral history! Future generations of artists, students, and art historians will have an opportunity to listen and learn directly firsthand from artists to have a unique piece of primary source reference material! 

Artists discuss their journey in art and describe several of their mural art works in detail. 

Dustin Blurry.png

Fine arts artist Dustin Harewood

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