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Quality and Integrity over Quantity

Building a brand, and that brand is of the amazing things that Jacksonville has to offer.

            Hidden Jacksonville provides promotional opportunities for your business through our social media pages for a unique way to reach customers.  We will never overload our pages with ads like other pages do. It also has to work for us and for you, and we'll always be honest with you if it is a good fit or not. We're effective at moving people to your page or location, and we're passionate about building brands, loyalty, and making our city better! 

          Send us a quick message with more info of your needs below and we'll get back to you ASAP! 

  • Social media mentions & promotions

  • Consultations for social media

  • Very competitive prices!

  • Tour curation covering public art, history, parks, and more! 

  • Want a personal, one of a kind tour of Jacksonville, Hidden Jax style? 

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