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  We have passionate community engagement, displaying the great hidden in plain sight locations of the First Coast! 

  Have a business or event and want more exposure to the public?

Market with us! 

Media Marketing, sponsorship, and partnerships Info

Jacksonville's fastest growing social media platform with the greatest reach! 

Total Social Reach: 800K+ per month!
Total Social Impressions: 2,280,000 per month!  as of March 2024

We have varied social page network that means marketing campaigns can be widespread or pinpointed to the target audiences you want! An event at the Jacksonville Riverwalk or at a park? We have pages for that! Event, shop, or promotion involving art? We have pages for that! 


106K+ followers


13.9K+ followers


15.5K+ followers


10.1K+ followers

Total Social Network: 

150.5K+ followers

  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • TikTok

Partnerships and Sponsorships

Unique opportunities exist for projects and marketing with our vintage electric vehicle Talley and through our social media and website outreach! Some examples:

  • Sponsorship of Talley with your company logo on the side, special use of the vehicle, and media posts with the vehicle and your logo on it! 

  • Partnership to promote local arts and artists in our area. Connecting locals to the artists and helping bring new customers to our local artists! Your company can act as the sponsoring partner for the project!

If this sounds like something you're interested in or you have another idea for a partnership or sponsorship, please reach out to us below! 

Real Social Followers, Local

We've taken pride and put in a ton of effort to grow our massive social presence to be local to Jacksonville and the surrounding areas here on the First Coast. If you want to reach locals, Hidden Jacksonville social media marketing is the way to do it! 

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