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About                        Hidden Jacksonville

Building Bridges to Connect People to the First Coast

After 12 years in Jacksonville, we were going to move back to our hometown. But something unexpected happened, we started to fall in love with some of the unique neighborhoods and many things Jacksonville has to offer. So with staying, we wanted to do something to help better our community and connect to it and connect people in it to the great things we see everyday. A city of many bridges, still has bridges to build and connect people. 


And so, sitting at Stinson Park, after passing the unique pillars in Ortega, we decided to start Hidden Jacksonville on March 1st, 2019. The idea was simple: bring to light some of the hidden and also not hidden great things in Jacksonville and the First Coast, with hope of connecting people to the area and putting some smiles on faces!


We help display all great things of the Jacksonville and First Coast area, from nature, wildlife, trees, parks, public art, architecture/design, museums, boating, beaches, local businesses, events, and more.  

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With the Goal to Return, Always.

Taking Ownership on Our City to Make it a Better Place for ALL People.

2020 was a particularly hard year for everyone. When many local restaurants and other small businesses were struggling, Hidden Jacksonville provided free promotional services for two months to let people know they were open for business! Additionally, Hidden Jacksonville provided cash donations to art projects throughout the city, highlighted many local artists, and also supported many local cultural or city improvement organizations. In 2020 alone, these contributions were valued at  $24,625.

2021 was the year we made Hidden Jacksonville an official small business as an LLC. As Hidden Jacksonville grows, so with it will be our contribution to make our city a better place! 

Owners/ Founders

We had no easy or straight path here, but we are so glad we arrived here!

Jay is retired from the Navy. Originally from Tampa, Florida, his time in the service would grow his love of architecture, art, culture, food, history, and exploring! His military tours would take him to dozens of states in the USA and his tours with foreign coalition partners would take him to 28 countries around the world! Jay has a Bachelor's in Adult Education and Master of Arts in Public History - which is why he has so much fun doing our tours! Jay loves running, bicycling, eating cookies, reading, and exploring. Jay is a passionate supporter of a better Jacksonville with his focus on downtown. He is also on the Board of the nonprofit Marathon High FL Inc, a member of the Jacksonville Historical Society, founding member and first Vice President of the Jacksonville Naval Museum, and lead contributor to the social platform Future Jacksonville

Kaz is originally from Chicago, Illinois, and met Jay there when he was at his Navy electronics schools. She has traveled with Jay to many of the same countries around the world and loves to travel and explore. Kaz has three degrees, with one being a bachelor's in nursing and is an RN with a local hospital in Jacksonville.  She loves sea turtles and often volunteers for the sea turtle patrol on Naval Station Mayport. 

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