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From simple birthday idea to community landmark...

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Leave a book, take a book!

What started out as a simple idea for a birthday present, the Castle Little Free Library grew into a new Hidden in plain sight landmark for locals!  Now on local news channels, maps, and even a part of walking tour the library has become a community project. 

The library was built by our friend, local master crafter Chris Atchison. Chris built much of it out of repurposed materials and other unique pieces he found at local antique shops. This being his first build of a little library and being such a tall task to make it look as it does, the process took a couple of months to complete. Later detail painting was done by Hidden Jacksonville's owners. 

This one eventually will be replaced by another version, as Chris calls his new drafts the "2.0". We will hold fundraisers to help cover the material costs and once completed, we will have a fun raffle giveaway for these two pieces! 

To contribute to the new 2.0 version please find us via Cash App or Venmo. Be sure to put in the comments for funds are for the new castle library! All monetary contributors will be entered into the raffle to win one of the two library pieces the 2.0 version is replacing! 


Located in the beautiful and historic Jacksonville neighborhood of San Marco. The library is located at approximately 1732 River Oaks Road.


It can easily be found to the south end of Alexandria Oaks Park, at the corner or River Oaks Road and Fieldston Lane. 

Download the free Little Free Library app to help you locate our library and others in our area! 

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