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Private Tours! 

Only limit is imagination... and maybe time! 

When you decide to book a private tour with us, Hidden Jacksonville will work with you on what you will want to see and do! Do you want to visit some of our top 15 hidden locations? Do you want to see all murals? Do you want to see architecture? Parks? Amazing hidden views? 

Can't decide? Easy! We'll provide you with an easy menu to tell us what you want to see more of, and we'll put the tour together from there!  Our top rated and highly respected Hidden Jacksonville historian will curate a fun tour for your group! 

Note: we prefer to use the eBikes for these, as we can cover the most ground in the time we have together. We can do the eScooter or walking tours as well, but with much less range and less locations seen. 

Press button below to request Private Tour: 

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