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A journey of discovery to our city's most remarkable trees from the citizens' perspective

Join our exciting project and become a part of something truly remarkable!

We invite you to share a picture of a shade tree that has captured your heart and imagination, as we aim to populate Google Maps with a breathtaking gallery of nature's wonders across Jacksonville.

We will also share selected photos and stories via social media and in a photo gallery online. 

Every tree tells a unique story, and your contribution will not only celebrate the beauty of our planet but also help others discover these hidden gems. Let's create a digital forest of memories, a global treasure trove of remarkable trees for all to explore.

Together, we can make the world a little greener, one photo, one tree at a time. Join us in this green adventure and help us map Jacksonville's most remarkable shade trees on Google Maps!

Tell us about the tree(s) that are most remarkable to you using our easy online input form! 

It is easy. Take a photo, click on the form, enter the information and submit. We will do the rest.

After inputs have been made, we'll review the additions and add them on the map!  We will select some of them to share on our social media and in a photo gallery online. 

Take a look at the map and see if you recognize any of these amazing trees and read the stories of why they are remarkable!


A Partnership with

The Remarkable Trees Project is a partnership with Scenic Jacksonville and Hidden Jacksonville with the goal of celebrating our valued "remarkable trees" and working to keep them healthy, plentiful, and beautiful. We thank Late Bloomers Garden Club for providing support and inspiration for this unique project. 


Scenic Jacksonville's mission is to preserve, protect and enhance the scenic character and beauty of Jacksonville. 

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