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#TheMuralMapJax Project

Probably the list everyone is eager to see! Rest assured, no one is more eager for it to be complete than us. It has been a longer and harder project than we had ever imagined.

Several obstacles along the way, the biggest being life and not having a chance to really commit the needed time to complete the map. Some other things that add to it, like more murals being painted! Which is great - because we consider this a "living document" in that it can be updated on the fly as new murals are created.

Speaking of fly (besides the map), when you learn how to navigate the map you'll literally be able to fly in and out of different neighborhoods and murals. It's a lot of fun, even more fun when you find your favorite artist, then explore another area to find another work from them that you didn't even know about!

This map, when complete (it NEVER will be ;-) completed!) will also act as a historical reference by providing the month and year each mural was completed, it's location, the artist(s), and who supported. This data is challenging and time consuming to obtain it all with accuracy. Many times the artists must be contacted in person since there is little online to use as a reference.

-> With many thanks to the photographers and Hidden Jacksonville followers and Supporters! With out you all this map would be much less of what it is now and near impossible to complete. Many have tipped us off on new or hidden murals, or even past ones, provided lists, and provide many wonderful photographs for us to use. Thank you so much!

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