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Hidden Jacksonville

Find your own Hidden piece of Jacksonville

Jacksonville's fastest growing 
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We help market for small and large businesses, non profit organizations, and events! 



There's something fun about riding around and exploring in an old time car! Our custom electric low speed vehicle is perfect for special occasions, events, weddings, photoshoots, parties, tours and just for the heck of it!  

We just got our first one! We hope to have it available soon! 

About Hidden Jacksonville

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We are passionate about connecting locals and tourists to all the amazing, some times hidden things in Jacksonville and the First Coast of Florida!
We enjoy building bridges between the public with individuals in their respective fields of art, business, design, history, marketing, nature, nonprofits, photography, and sports.

Featured Project! 

Remarkable Trees Project: Jacksonville

Every tree tells a unique story, and your contribution will not only celebrate the beauty of our planet but also help others discover these hidden gems. Let's create a digital forest of memories, a global treasure trove of remarkable trees for all to explore.

We invite you to share a picture of a shade tree that has captured your heart and imagination, as we aim to populate Google Maps with a breathtaking gallery of nature's wonders.

Click Here!

mural map strip.png


It's now live and active! A living historical document that is always a work in progress! It currently displays just over 200 murals that are in the Jacksonville area in a super fun way! Give it a try and find your favorite mural to go see in person!

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